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MacHeist III, What a trip

Posted by bradringel on April 14, 2009

12 Top Mac Apps

14 Top Mac Apps

As some of you may or may not know, the Mac community has recently finished the MacHeist 3 Bundle.  In one sentence, the bundle is an outrageously low priced pack of applications for your Mac that is released and sold for a short period of time, this year two weeks.  But MacHeist is much more than just the bundle buy.  In the month or so leading up to the bundle reveal, members, or agents as we prefer to be called, participate in various challenges and puzzles in order to unlock even more free apps for our beloved machine.  The overall number of apps I downloaded came to over 30 I believe.  The best part about MacHeist though, the community.  Whenever I was stuck on a mission or wanted some info on how an app worked, there was always someone in the forums or in the chat room to help.  Now let me give you a quick rundown on all the apps from the bundle so that you know exactly how awesome this promotion was.

First up: iSale.  If you tend to sell a lot of your possessions on eBay, this was the app for you.  With functionality to not only create awesome looking auction pages, but to help you track your current auction and even coordinate shipping with the winner, this app would do any eBayer proud.

Next: Picturesque.  If you’ve ever wanted to create stunning looking graphics to go into a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation, or just wanted to add that little bit of embellishment to your family photos, Picturesque is for you.  With four simple tools for making your pictures look great, this app really sets itself apart.  You can rotate, reflect, cast a shadow and add a border to your photos to make them look great for your blog or presentation.

SousChef:  While I did end up giving this one to my mom, this app just plain looks cool.  Out of ideas for what to make for dinner, search the online recipe database for something with your favourite ingredient, a preferred cuisine or by keyword.  The coolest feature however is the 10-foot mode.  Fire up SousChef while you are in the kitchen and your Mac will read the Recipe and directions to you and allow you to control the application with your voice, so you never have to risk spilling soy sauce on your Macbook again.

World of Goo: While the game looks silly, this addicting title will have anyone hooked.  The user is prompted to solve puzzles by creating structures out of goo balls, while having to retain a certain number of them in order to pass the level.  I myself have spent hours sitting and dragging these bouncy little goo balls all over my screen.

PhoneView: Okay so maybe not everyone has an iPhone, but to those of you who do, this app is great.  With the ability to use your iPhone as a disk, view your SMS conversations and save them on your computer, as well as edit the notes that are not accessible anywhere else(serious design flaw on Apple’s part), this app could just save you from losing your paper that is due in 5 minutes and you left your computer in your dorm room.

LittleSnapper:  Ah what a nice app.  When I bought MacHeist I wasn’t sure what use I would have for LittleSnapper.  After all, it only takes screenshots and I can do that without the app in Leopard.  Wrong, not only does LittleSnapper have its own library that it stores your snaps in, you can tag and organize them however you want.  I litterally installed and started the app thinking I was not going to use it, and 20 minutes later I had snapped the page of a product to put on my buy list.  With shortcut keys to snap the current page in Safari, Any window, the entire screen or some area, its a lifesaver.  Notation tools help you remember what exactly you snapped that picture for.

Acorn: Offering the power of Photoshop in a simple user interface, this is a nice app to have.  I haven’t played with it that much as i haven’t done much image editing, but it does everything you think it should do.

Kinemac:  An awesome 3d modeling and motion application.  Again I haven’t played with it  that much, but from what i have played with, if you need any sort of 3d modeling for video or some other task, this is the app to use.

WireTap Studio:  But my Mac already has a recording app you say, I can use GarageBand for this.  WireTap will let you capture the audio stream from certain applications, such as Safari or Skype and will then convert it into various forms.  A great app for recording multi-person podcasts.

BoinxTV: Basically it’s a full fledged TV studio on your Mac.  With live layer editing and with a very professional feel, this app would be a must for anyone who produces video podcasts or a TV show.

The Hit List:  Quite possibly the reason I bought the bundle.  A great task manager that gives you a lot of flexibility in how you want to manage yourself.  Add contexts and tags for quick grouping, as well as folders and lists for organization.  I was previously a Things user but now am only on THL which is still in beta so you can pick it up for a reduced price.

Espresso: An awesome web editor that features live previewing and easy publishing.  For the web developer that doesn’t like iWeb and still hand codes his or her sites.

Four of the apps were locked for download until a certain amount of money for charity was reached.  Yes part of your bundle sale goes to charity, while the rest is split between developers and MacHeist of course.  There were also a few bonus apps that were included in the bundle that I won’t elaborate on.  Basically, the moral of this story is, that if you have Mac, which would be the main reason you are reading my blog, point your favourite web browser over to and register so that you can receive updates about future missions and bundle sales.  Its great and did i mention 25% of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice? Just one more reason to love MacHeist.  This year we raised 850,000 dollars for charity, will you help us do more next year?

Just another reason I’m in command and not control



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  1. […] itself to any style of organization you want. I picked this up from the MacHeist Bundle(see post here) and couldn’t be happier. Though still in beta, we are getting very close to a 1.0 release. […]

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