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Why i-Will NOT be waiting for the next iPhone

Posted by bradringel on April 17, 2009

iPhone 4G Mockup

iPhone 4G Mockup

If you click around on the Internet, at least, the part of the Internet that the tech geeks go to, it’s easy to find rumors about about the next iPhone and what it is going to be like.  The most prominent rumor is that the new iPhone will be release alongside the 3.0 Software upgrade at this years WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).  This coincides with a yearly update model for the iPhone, and Apple loves to stick to those schedules.  I, unlike the sensible techie, plan on breaking the mold and buying an iPhone in the face of imminent update.  That’s right, sometime in the near future I will be walking happily out of an Apple Retail store with my shiny new iPhone 3G.  I’ve got a few reasons why.

1. It is already a kick ass phone.  Lets be honest here, I am an Apple fanboy, and I must say that the iPhone 3G is one sexy piece of hardware.  Not only does it look great, but it performs really well.  I can’t comment on call quality yet, but I know from experiences with iPod Touches that the OS flows very well.  Couple the phone, SMS, Mail, iPod and of course the ubiquitous App Store, and it’s a winning combination.

2. It’s expandable.  And I don’t mean with those dinky little SD cards you can slide into some other music phones.  As mentioned above, iPhone has the App Store.  Apple has been running an ad campaign where the tag line is always “There’s an app for that.”  Well it’s true, if you pointed your iTunes to the App Store section, you would find over 25,000 apps to choose from, some free, some paid for, and a large handful only 99 cents.  That means there really is an app for anything.  Wanna check your twitter or rss feeds, there’s an app for that.  Wanna make sure you’re not over budget for the month? There’s an app for that.  There’s even an app for updating your blog, right from your iPhone.

3. It just works.  No more hunting around the menu of your phone to find the calendar application, it’s sitting right there on your home screen, one tap away.  The ease of use of the OS is great.  Anyone can tap a button on a screen, and everyone can type on a QWERTY keyboard, so everyone can use the iPhone.  If you do need help, there are great resources online only a Google search away, heck you could even do that search from inside the phone on Mobile Safari.

4. The Internet in your pocket, along with your favourite songs and contacts.  No more watered down versions of the web for you.  Though some popular sites now offer optimized iPhone versions of their sites, you can still browse to any website you can think of, and have it show up exactly as it would on your computer, albeit smaller.  Feel like music while you surf? Pop open the iPod application and rock out while you check your favourite news sites or send emails to your work contacts.  iPhone does it all.

Now lets go through some shortcomings that have been pointed out in the iPhone thus far, 2 years into its life.  First and foremost, no copy and paste.  This seems like a major downfall to many Blackberry users or people with other smartphones.  Second, no MMS.  A basic feature that comes with just about every phone with a camera was a glaring omission in the original iPhone OS.  Third, battery life.  Many users were experiencing extremely low battery life, often having to recharge in the middle of the day.  Well don’t expect it to last as long as your RAZR people, it does much more, therefore requires more battery.

And now the good news. iPhone 3.0 coming out in June fixes most of these issues along with many others.  Apple added copy and paste, and MMS, as well as cool new features such as the global search engine, Spotlight, familiar to anyone with a Mac.  Battery life, well, that one not so much.

And that right there is the reason why I’m not waiting for the next iPhone.  3.0 runs on the iPhone 3G and fixes many of the problems that users were complaining about.  What then is the  point in waiting for new hardware when the current model suits you fine?  No point at all.  Rumors are pointing to a 32GB “high-end” iPhone with a better camera and whatnot that I wouldn’t be purchasing anyways.  And possibly minimal updates to the current 3G.

Here’s the bottom line, if you don’t need need an iPhone or a new phone in general, but want one, wait until June.  If your phone is quickly dying on you, as mine has been for the past month, go for it.  If what you see right now suits you, then buy it.  No need to wait around for a new piece of hardware that will do maybe 3 things more than what you can get right now.


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