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My new iPhone and My First Impressions of It

Posted by bradringel on April 21, 2009

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

So here I am writing my first blog post on my iPhone. Yes. Followingnmg own advice from the last post, I went ahead and got my iPhone even with the looming possibility of a new model right around the corner at WWDC. So far I am loving it. My only complaint is that 3.0 won’t be out sooner, because then I could turn off the Facebook and Twitter notification text messages in return for push notification. But good things come to those who wait, or at least that is how the saying goes. As for the typing and other control interfaces, it’s easy. The keyboard is taking some getting used to, but with the auto-correct feature going on all the time, you barely have time to notice got mistakes before they are fixed. My only suggestion would be to read over your texts or that important email to your boss before hitting that send button. Battery life has been what I expected. Have been charging every night, but that’s okay because my phone sits near the bed regardless of whether it is charging or not at nights so I just put the charger there. Now we come to the question, which was really supposed to be the main point of this post but then I got sidetracked into a little rant about my newest toy. Cases. That’s always the question with Apple products. What is it that drives us to buy cases for every single Apple product that we own? Had two iPods, had multiple cases or them. Have a MacBook, have a case for that too. Now I have an iPhone, and there are really two questions. One is, do you get the case? The other is, which one do you get? And I guess the third part is why? I mean the obvious answer is to protect you phone, but why didn’t you buy a case for that crappy Nokia you had back in 8th grade? Well basically what I’ve decided is that, if I do end up getting a case (and let’s be honest, I most likely will) then I will get a CapsuleRebel from SwitchEasy. I’ve been doing my research, and have found that this case is basically awesome an is superior to it’s brother, the CapsuleNeo. The Neo breaks too much for my liking, and the Rebel just looks sweet. You should check them both out(Rebel, Neo). The title said that it was a question and it is. Anyone out there with either or both of these cases feel free to drop a line in the comments section, or if you have an answer to the question of why, I would love to hear your thoughts. You cab also ask me iPhone questions there and I will answer. Thanks for reading guys.



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